10th Annual OpenEd Conference
November 6-8, 2013

OpenEd13 is here! The registration desk opens at 7:00am Wednesday morning, with the opening keynote starting at 9am sharp. See http://openeducation2013.sched.org/ for the complete conference program!

We’re not live streaming OpenEd13, but all sessions are being recorded and will be posted with 12 hours of their conclusion. Check back Wednesday evening for links to the first day’s sessions!

Following our long-established pattern, the conference hashtag is #opened13. Use it with your tweets, blogs, and photos.

For over a decade the focus of the open education community has been on creating and sharing open educational resources. We have largely succeeded in building out a vast, high quality open content infrastructure atop which a new generation of educational innovations are being built. As we celebrate the success of that work, the 10th annual Open Education 2013 Conference looks forward to the critical work of the next decade.

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This year’s conference themes include:

  • developing and deploying models that support the broad adoption and use of open educational resources
  • leveraging the open content infrastructure to enable and reinvigorate efforts like prior learning assessment, alternative pathways to credentials, and informal and lifelong learning
  • measuring the impact of openness on the cost of education and various student success metrics
  • exploiting the synergies between open education and parallel work in open data, open access, open government, open science, and open source
  • promoting and evaluating institutional and governmental policy and strategy around open
  • designing new pedagogies that leverage the reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute potential of OER
  • democratizing the credentialing process with open badges
  • supporting open study groups and other opportunities for social interaction
  • innovating at the bleeding edge of openness