Day 3

Time Room Session
9:15 C300 Keynote
Carolina Rossini
10:30 C400 Disaggregating universities: The future of higher education?
Terry Anderson, Rory McGreal

Moving to OER at AU – An Institutional Strategy
Rodger Graham, Cindy Ives, Mary Pringle
C485 Analyzing and supporting interaction in complex scenarios: the case of DS106
Jim Groom, Brian Lamb, Alan Levine, Julià Minguillón

Designing Assessments and Granting Credit for Open Courseware and Prior Learning
Marc P. Singer
C680 Changing the Culture of Academia Towards Openness
Stephanie Chu, Valerie Irvine, William Owen, Paul Stokes
11:20 C400 Enabling Student Success in Open Education – the Australian Experience
Darien Rossiter

How is your community sharing these days?
Dave Malicke, Emily Puckett Rodgers
C485 EdReady: Personalized OER, Finally
Ahrash Bissell

The New Eco System: Open Education Resources and Assessment
John Ittelson, Peter Smith
C680 Evolution or Revolution? Perspectives on Open Education From Deans, Devotees, Doubters, and Doers
Steven Ellis, Edison Justiniano III, Phil Venditti, Brooke Zimmers

OER for Educational Innovation: How About the Teacher?
Janneke Hooijer, Karel Kreijns, Robert Schuwer
13:30 C400 Effective Strategies to Support Large-scale Government OER Program
Una Daly, Frances Ferreira, Cable Green

Examining the impact of Open Course Library materials on teaching practice and student success
Tom Caswell, Boyoung Chae
C485 Are there technical barriers to open education?
Vivien Rolfe, Philip Tubman

Establishing inter-rater reliability with the ALMS rubric
Seth Gurell
C680 Opening the Dissertation
Justin Reich

The OER Hub
Gary Elliott-Cirigottis, Patrina Law. Patrick McAndrew
14:30 C400 State of Openness @ Higher Education in the Netherlands
Hester Jelgerhuis, Robert Schuwer

Answering the questions of openness
Rob Farrow, Patrick McAndrew
C485 Open Educational Resources and Practices as a Driver for Change in Art College Education
John Casey, Nancy Turner

Coventry Open Media
Shaun Hides, Matt Johnston, Jonathan Shaw, Peter Woodbridge
C680 Project Kaleidoscope: Institutional Adoption Models for OER
M.L. Bettino, Martin Christofferson, Charles Snare, Kim Thanos

The Kaleidoscope Faculty Experience: Collaborative Adoption of OER
Amber Gilewski, Bob Livingston, Howard Miller, Ronda Neugebauer, Kim Thanos