Day 2

Time Room Session
9:15 C300 Keynote
John Willinsky
10:30 C400 Creative Commons Mongolia Affiliate Roadmap
David Porter, Batbold Zagdragchaa

Strategies to foster OER and OER initiatives in developing regions
Cristobal Cobo, Cristina Stefanelli, Daniel Villar-Onrubia

C485 Mozilla Open Badges: into the great wide open
Carla Casilli, Sunny Lee, Chris McAvoy

Siyavula: OER production and Open Badges Infrastructure
Megan Beckett

C680 Glitz, Glamor and Going Open: Lessons from the Open Course Librarians
Elena Bianco, Shireen Deboo, Rowena McKernan, Tria Skirko, Quill West

Internet Library: with structured data it’s much more than reading
Radek Czajka, Jaroslaw Lipszyc

11:20 C400 What lies beneath? Diving into the pre-history of OER
David Kernohan, Sheila MacNeill
C485 The OER FLOW and Social Media
Alexandra Okada, Scott Leslie
C680 Visualizing Learning Data
Norman Bier, William Jerome

Assessment of the usefulness and impact of OCW Scholar courses
Steve Carson

13:30 C400 Engaging Students as Open Education Advocates
Nicole Allen, Nick Shockey

Open Textbooks And Solving The College Cost Crisis
Nicole Allen

C485 Bildung as a critical foundation for open education
Markus Deimann, Rob Farrow
C680 Captions, Transcripts and You(Tube)
Brett Paci

Adventures in Development: Building and Implementing an Oral Communication Assessment Webapp
Zachary Davis, Mikhail Gershovich

14:20 C400 A Student Measure of the Quality of Open Digital Textbooks
TJ Bliss

Using Open Textbooks in Community Colleges
John Hilton, Jared Robinson

C485 Scaling Up a Bridge to Success! Diverse audiences and unexpected outcomes in cross-institutional OER practice
Tim Coughlan, Patrick McAndrew, Beck Pitt

Unleashing Innovation: unintended consequences of a CC-BY license
David Harris, Barbara Illowsky

C680 5 years of TU Delft OpenCourseWare. What is next?
Martijn Ouwehand, Willem van Valkenburg

Are edX, Udacity and Cousera disruptive innovators?
Fred Mulder, Wilfred Rubens, Robert Schuwer