Day 1

Time Room Session
9:30 C300 Keynote
Gardner Campbell
11:00 C400 UNESCO Chairs in OER report on activities

Susan D’Antoni, Rory McGreal, Fred Mulder
C485 Open Education: Still a Chasm to Cross
Jamie Caras, David Harris, Marc T. Sher

The Need for Open Business Models
Ariel Diaz
C680 High-Touch & High-Tech: Best Practices in Open and Online Teaching
Sara Layton, DeLaina Tonks, Sarah Weston

OER Essentials: How to Build, Adapt & Supplement Online/Hybrid Courses Using OER
DeLaina Tonks, Sarah Weston
11:50 C400 The Great Beyond with Open English Language Education Resources
Alannah Fitzgerald

Developing Foreign Language Courses for the Open Course Library Project
Lourdes Flores, Alexandra Gouirand, Anne Kelly-Glasoe
C485 Making Open Courseware Count
Alana Harrington

OER and Alternative Certification Models
Cynthia Jimes, Clare Middleton-Detzner
C680 Share Everywhere: A multi-project collaboration to make it easy to create and share content with legs.
Katherine Fletcher, Marvin Reimer

Open Academics Textbook Catalog
Nicole Allen, David Ernst
14:00 C400 Before we leave content behind
Irwin Devries, Norm Friesen
C485 OpenStax Tutor: Open Personalized Learning
Richard Baraniuk, JP Slavinsky, Daniel Williamson

The Open Assignment Bank of ds106 and Remixing Thereof
Jim Groom, Alan Levine
C680 OER to the Max
Phillip Clark, Edward Coe, Donna Gaudet, Paul Golisch, William Meacham, Roberto Ribas, James Sousa

Creating a User Driven Approach to the Development of OER
Will Engle, David Kohler
15:00 C300 Creative Commons Plenary
Cable Green, Paul Stacey
15:45 C300 Pitchfest

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Matiul Alam February 6, 2013 at 8:43 am

Graduate students of our MET program are encouraged to listen to some of the above conference presentations.