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Gardner Campbell

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Kevin Richardson December 19, 2012 at 11:34 am

“When you’re at this level, there is also a trap … the context you become aware of is within a context that lets you become aware of that context … and everything you see conforms to that meta-context … so the thing you’ve learned to do specifies all the things you will learn to do … and it will makes sense … that’s the tragedy.”

I didn’t know anything about Bateson’s levels of learning … and at this point in the talk I paused for a moment and I started thinking about the film Educating Rita – that moment where the teacher realizes the brilliant, refreshing, free thinking Rita has made the transition to becoming the carbon copy academic that will gain academic qualifications … through the destruction of what we all know was a beautiful creative “uneducated” mind.

I think I get what Bateson was meaning now … and wanted to share my thought’s in case anyone else was having similar trouble getting there head around this stuff.

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