This year we thought we’d try a couple of experiments. In addition to Tuesday afternoon’s “Pitchfest” we are introducing the Remixathon. We want to offer folks at the conference, and those participating virtually, the chance to give proof to the promise that Open Educational Resources have always held, that they enable remixed derivative works.


Virtual Kickoff

On Friday, October 12 at 11am PDT we will be hosting a virtual kickoff to the Remixathon in Blackboard Collaborate. At that time, all of the submitters will have a chance to talk about their content and ways they can envision it being remixed, and participants can discuss ways in which they might approach the problem.

You can join this virtual session here –

Remixathon Room / Online Forum

Throughout the duration of the conference, we will have a room set aside, C215, where proponents can host ad hoc sessions with interested participants, and in general congregate to work on remixes (or check email, which seems as likely ;-) If you wish to host such a session, let Scott Leslie ([email protected]) know and he can make sure it is included in the pre-keynote announcements, and use the conference hashtag (#opened12) to connect with other too.

In addition, both online and f2f participants are invited to connect using the SCoPE forums which we have set up for the remixathon. It is our hope that each remixathon submission will facilitate a discussion thread about their project in those forums.

Remixathon Submissions

Our Call for Action generated a number of submissions, linked to below.

Submission of Remixes

Submissions will be due by 12pm PDT, Thursday October 18th, with the results announced at the closing session of the conference. We would like to share all of the results, but will also award a prize to the “most improved derivative work.” Submissions can be made in multiple ways – by attaching a comment with a URL to this page, by email to [email protected], or by uploading to the SCoPE forums.


Potential Remix Tools

  • Open Tapestry –