Schwag Re-Gifting

Schwag by Ellen Fitzsimons, CC AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reservedYou know you’ve got it. That t-shirt from educause you’ve never worn. The baby blue Open Ed shirt that doesn’t match anything else in your wardrobe. The stress ball from Blackboard that’s been squeezed one too many times. Or that bumpersticker from Angel that says “Angel Customer for Life.” Doesn’t really matter, it’s all in fun, but don’t spend any money on this – the whole point is to reuse what you already have.

Whatever it is, we’d love you to bring it along to share with others in our first annual Conference Schwag Re-Gift-orama.

We’ll have a box up at the reg desk – give an item, take an item. It will all remain anonymous to protect the innocent (and the guilty!)