This year’s Open Ed conference introduces a new/old idea, the Pitchfest. At 3:45pm on Tuesday October 16th, in the big auditorium (C300), people representing projects, companies and ideas will have 4-5 minutes a piece to make their best pitch to the audience. Below is a list of organizations and companies pitching that afternoon – come on out and learn about these many new opportunities!

  1. Campaign to Save Students $1 Billion
  2. Translation of Open Resources (High Quality Open Textbooks)
  3. Engaging Learning Exercises
  4. The OC@ADLC
  5. Making OER content more engaging and accessible at low cost for the working students
  6. OER Courses 9-12 Across the Curriculum
  7. Matching Assessments to Open Educational Resources
  8. MyOpenMath
  9. Multi-access learning delivery and possibilities for openness
  10. Reusable reuse cards
  11. School of Open / Creative Commons
  12. Invitation to Expand Accessibility of Open Educational Resources
  13. Project Kaleidoscope