#opened12 for those unable to attend in person

We really do wish everyone who wanted to could attend #opened12, but whether due to budget constraints, timing or other circumstances, we know there are a lot of folks who would like to but can’t. We’re trying to think of as many ways to include those who can’t be here as we can (and are always open to other suggestions too), so please, even if you can’t be with us in person, we hope you’ll join in virtually and benefit from the energy this conference always generates.


An experiment we are trying out this year is the Remixathon. It is open to both attendees physical and virtual. The best way to join is to attend the virtual kickoff, Friday, October 12 at 11am PDT. To participate, join us at http://urls.bccampus.ca/scopeevents

Conference Wiki

In partnership with Wikieducator we have set up a small conference wiki at http://wikieducator.org/Opened12 We are using this as a place for attendees, both physical and virtual, to self-organize. If you end up participating virtually, please do leave your name on the Virtual Attendees page, it gives us a sense of how well we are doing engaging people not able to attend in person.

Keynote Videocasts

We will be live videocasting the three keynote sessions. Please check the conference schedule for links to the videocast streams.

Conference Audio Streams

Each of the breakout rooms will have a live audiocast of the session. To listen along (and view the slides for the session) please check out the session descriptions on the conference schedule, where you will find links.

Twitter Stream

We HIGHLY recommend you following the conference hashtag, #opened12, on twitter as a way to keep abreast of all the latest as well as to add to the conversations unfolding. Below is a feed of the latest tweets using the #opened12 hashtag