Call for Papers & Action

Open Education 2012 invites submissions in two distinct categories – a Call For Papers and a Call For Action.

Call For Papers – Due Date May 15  May 25, 2012

The Call for Papers invites individual or group paper submissions. As part of your paper submission please describe the format you plan to use for your paper (presentation, panel, interview, debate, …) Creative formats that actively engage the audience are preferred. Specify whether you want a time slot of 45 min or 90 min duration. Identify which conference theme your paper fits with – open educational resources, open policy, open assessment, open support, open teaching, open business models, open data, open access, open government, open source.

We regret that the Call For Papers period has ended and no further submissions are being accepted at this time.

Call for Action – Due Date: September 15, 2012

The Call for Action category invites individual or group activity submissions that involve attendees working collectively on initiatives live at the conference.

There are two distinct call for action opportunities:

1. Open Pitch Fest
This Call for Action activity will be an open “bazaar” for pitching and exchange of existing open education resources, services or opportunities. Pitches are encouraged to seek trade, adoption and use of existing open resources and the formation of partnerships for shared use and improvement.

If you have an open initiative and are looking to engage others in it this is your opportunity to make a pitch. The pitch fest format gives you 5-7 minutes to describe your open initiative and why others will be interested. This session will be done in rapid format with pitches following in a row one right after the other. This session will conclude with a social break and network opportunity for everyone interested in your pitch to speak with you about getting involved.

2. Remixathon
Do you have open educational resources you think have potential for conference attendees to revise, remix, adapt and improve? As part of the Open Education 2012 Call For Action activities we invite you to put forward a proposal to engage all conference attendees in a remix of open resources over the three days of the conference. This is your opportunity to engage world leading open thinkers in enhancing an existing open resource for the benefit of the entire community. Remixathon entries will be posted on the Open Education Conference site on day one and revisited at the conclusion of the conference for a before and after review of adaptations.

We regret that the Call For Papers period has ended and no further submissions are being accepted at this time.

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