OpenEd Treasure Box Prompt 5

by cogdog on October 17, 2012

Look for Open Ed TrasureBox wireless network in lobby, join, and browse to any URL.


Prompt 5: Take a photo of someone intensely engaged in a discussion or listening to a session.

What does it look like to be engaged in learning, listening, sharing? It’s all around us at this conference.

This is our fifth daily prompt for attendees to share things that represent their Open Education 2012 experience. This will be available on a special little device we call the OpenEd Treasure Box – a local sharing environment that will be on premises next week in Vancouver. We are seeing the first wave of media arrive and they look great, but we want more, much much much more. These should take but a few minutes to capture and share.

The things you ask to share- any file you can upload from your computer- are the stuff that you do NOT put out into public social media. Why? because this is an experiment in local shared media that will have no context, yet is unique, like from a time capsule.

The goal is to explore a new way of capturing the conference experience in media.

If you missed yesterday’s prompt,  no worries- you can do these in whatever order works for you- it was

Each day’s prompt includes a creative challenge for you to capture in photo, graphic. video, audio form, heck even text is ok. How you interpret it is wide open.

How to Share:

At the conference today you will be able to upload directly to the Treasure Box through its local wireless network. We’ll provide those instructions so you know where to look for the network (it’s in the main lobby, easy to find). We also have set up a way for you to send media to our dropbox (especially for certain mobile devices, iAhem, that do not allow access to files on them). The key thing is to give your files a descriptive (or mysterious) name before you upload them- that is the only information you can share about the contents.

Upload as many things as you like to – use the password storybox. Or you can email attachments to the dropbox via

 storybox (UNDERSCORE) tu8r (AT) sendtodropbox DOT com

Learn more about this PirateBox technology (open source) or plan to visit the Unconference sessions in C215 on Tuesday at  11-11:45am or Thursday at 1:30-2:15pm Or track down Alan Levine (@cogdog) at the conference.

Not So Small Print

Because of the nature of this anonymous technology, there is no way to provide credit for media shared, we are asking for the most free of licenses- that you release media into the public domain under CC0


To the extent possible under law, Open Education 2012 Conference has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Open Education 2012 Treasure Box. This work is published from: Canada.

If you don’t like these ridiculous conditions, then please disconnect and have a nice day. We admit by asking you to share in anonymity, we won’t be able to give you credit… but how more open can you get?

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