What the heck is a Remixathon anyways?

by scott on September 4, 2012

Every year at Open Ed we try out some new ideas to tweak the conventional conference format. For instance last year we saw the Open Science Fair offering a chance for folks working on OER in science education to show off their stuff.

This year we’ve actually got two new things we’re trying out, a “Pitch Fest” (more soon) and a “Remixathon.” The Remixathon was born partly out of what seems like an unfulfilled promise of OER – that the open licenses allow for remixing, yet evidence that remixing actually takes places seems scant.

Given that Open Ed represents some of the lead practitioners in the field coming together, we thought it would be a perfect chance to test the theory out in practice. The Call For Action (closing September 15) invites people to submit OER work for the opportunity to be remixed.

Our current plan is to accept pretty much everything that is submitted and allow remixers themselves to chose what is most compelling to them. On October 15th, the day before the conference, we will be hosting an hour-long virtual session on SCOPE where remixathon proponents can pitch their works to both conference attendees and virtual participants. Participants will then have the next three days to produce a remix of any of these works, the winner (as judged by a top secret panel of as yet to be selected judges!) receiving the adoration of the Open Ed community, the accolades of thousands (ok, maybe hundreds) of educators everywhere, and possibly a prize. How can you resist?

There are two weeks left to submit a resource for remixing, and if you are not going to be able to attend Open Ed in person, this represents another of the many opportunities we are trying to provide to still participate at a distance.

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