A few more FAQs about Registration

by scott on July 17, 2012

Here are answers to a few of the questions that have come up regarding the conference registration:

Q: I am a presenter – do I need to register?

A: Yes, all presenters are expected to register.

Q: I work for a US tax-exempt school/system. Do I need to pay the Canadian taxes on the conference registration fee?

A: Sadly, yes you do, as these are taxes that we must pay on the registration fees we collect in Canada.

Q: Can I pay for the conference registration fee by cheque or purchase order?

A: Currently we are only set up to deal with credit cards. If you really, really (and I mean REALLY) have no other means of paying for your conference registration, please contact Scott Leslie at [email protected] and we will try to help. But using your credit card will likely be WAY easier.

Q: Is it true that I get a dinner cruise included as part of my conference registration fee?

A: only if you are amongst the first 200 to sign up; we’re nearing half-way full already, so act fast!

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